Front Disc Brake Guard Beta Xtrainer 2013-2021


Our Front Disc Brake Guard for Beta Xtrainer 2013-2021 replaces the spacer sleeve on the wheel axle and allows the tyre to be changed or brakes to be serviced without removing the brake cover. Provides extreme protection against debris, stones and rocks.

It’s a must-have product when thinking of getting your enduro motorbike ready for the next adventure or, why not for the next race.

Now with its new unique design that surely stands out when mounted on your dirt bike, we are sure you’ll get the best out of each ride.

In terms of mounting, we can assure you that it’s a piece of cake. In no time you’ll be set to go thanks to its intuitive design. You won’t have to worry about needing something extra, this Front Brake Disk Guard comes along with the 3 screws that you’ll be needing for a proper installation.

Front Disc Brake Guard Beta Xtrainer 2013-2021

Package includes :

  • Front Disc Brake Guard Beta Xtrainer 2013-2021 (1x)
  • Screws (3x)
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