UniBody Radiator Guards Beta RR 2020-2022 Red


Avoid unnecessary expensive reparations by choosing our UniBody Radiator Guards and bulletproof your dirt bike radiator. Enjoy the ride.

These Radiator Guards are any rider’s first choice when it comes to protection and performance.

  • Extra protection from side and front impacts
  • Full protection on the upper and lower part of the radiator
  • 40% More airflow than any radiator guard
  • Tested and used by Top Hard Enduro Riders
  • No MUD between radiator and guards

Get the maximum of any ride from now on, using these Radiator Guards. Buy now and thank us later!


 1x UniBody Radiator Guards Kit for BETA RR 2020-2022


All Beta RR Enduro models from 2020-2022


Only 217 Grams, 40 grams heavier than OEM Plastic

Specifications :

  • Unibody: (We start with 6,5 KG Aluminium block and we finish with 217 Grams protection)
  • Lifetime warranty, almost impossible to break. You will never quit any race or miss out on a ridding day due to a broken radiator
  • Material: Aluminium T7 7075
  • Very light and strong but at the same time yielding, 217 Grams
  • Processing: CNC Machined in Romania
  • Full coverage. The protection covers 100% of the radiator.
  • Surface Finishing: Anodized in Black or Red. Because all of our parts are anodized the color will stay in place for many seasons.
  • Increases the airflow in radiators by 40%
  • Very easy to install, you need a maximum of 3 minutes and one 8mm wrench. You won’t need any mechanical skills or a motorcycle service to mount these radiator guards.

Our UniBody Radiator Guards have been tested durring Redbull Romaniacs 2020 by more than 25 riders, including Top Riders like :

  • Sandra Gomez
  • Teodor Kabachiev
  • Peter Weiss
  • Josza Norbert Levente
  • Preda Darco 
  • Szilard Horvat
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