NomOusse tubeless system18x2.15″


NomOusse tubeless system18x2.15″ Enduro Nomousse

System composed of a small tire and its tube, which are fitted on the rim, inside the off-road tire. NomOusse fulfils three functions:

  • 1-Sealing: The outside of the nomOusse, inflated at 4 to 6 bar, seals against the inside of the off-road tire, generating an air chamber for the off-road. This chamber is watertight to the rim and can be inflated to the pressure that the user requires.
  • 2-Locks: The inner nomOusse tire, inflated between 4 to 6 bar, produces a force of 1500 kg against the inside of the off-road tire and locks it to the rim, avoiding any displacement.
  • 3 –Protection: NomOusse, in addition, exceeds by 3 cm the rim diameter. It is the only tubeless system on the market that provides an efficient rim protection against impacts and acts as emergency rolling support, even in flat conditions.

Main NomOusse advantages:
– Ease of assembly without the need to drill more holes in the rim or enlarge the existing ones. The Kevlar rings facilitate the handling, are much stronger than steel wires and fully inox.
– Excellent sealing even with low pressures of 4 bar.
– NomOusse does not have a rim lock,
 protruding from the rim edge in the competition, very exposed to knocks. With NomOusse inflated to 5 bar, the pressure against the inner tire edges and the rim is greater than 1500 kg, more than enough to fix the tire to rim.
– By not having design limits, we have given NomOusse the ideal height and it protrudes 30 mm from the rim. This allows to combine a perfect offroad tire adaptation to the terrain with the best rim protection against impacts. This allows users to ride with the lowest offroad pressures, gaining more grip and keeping the rim protected. A reference pressure of 0,2 bar is a good testing point.
– An unmatched warranty (because we believe in our system´s robustness!): 12-month manufacturer warranty + the all-inclusive wear& tear during 1st month after purchase.
– NomOusse pro can be used for a long time, varying pressures according to the rider and terrain needs.

Not any other any mousse or tubeless system provides as much grip and user satisfaction. NomOusse pro is not only a tubeless system but also an excellent emergency running support and rim protection, even in flat conditions.

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