Rear Disc Guard Sherco SE 2006 – 2024 Black/Blue


Protect the brake disk from damages by using our Aluminium Rear Disc Guard. Integrated with brake caliper support and brake disc guard.

  • It provides maximum protection
  • Reduces the accumulation of dust on the wheels
  • Improves the service life
  • Protects your KTM disc rotor from the worst possible trail trash

Rear Disc Guard Sherco SE 2006 – 2020 Black/Blue

Our Aluminium Rear Disc Guard it’s a must-have product when thinking of getting your enduro motorbike ready for the next adventure or, why not for the next race.

Now with its new unique design that surely stands out when mounted on your dirt bike, we are sure you’ll get the best out of each ride.

In terms of mounting, we can assure you that it’s a piece of cake. In no time you’ll be set to go thanks to the intuitive design of our product for SHERCO.

We guarantee:

  • perfect fitment and proper brake function every time
  • much more durability than going for the plastic variants out there
  • no bent discs anymore
  • no brake pads getting hung up

Package includes :

-1 x Aluminium Rear Disc Guard (Black and Blue)

Specifications :

– CNC Machined Processed

– Material: 6061- T6 Aluminium

– Surface Finishing: Anodized

– Color: Black and Blue

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