UniBody Radiator Guards Beta RR 2020-2022 Black


These Radiator Guards are any rider’s first choice when it comes to protection and performance.

  • Extra protection from side and front impacts
  • Full protection on the upper and lower part of the radiator
  • 40% More airflow than any radiator guard
  • Tested and used by Top Hard Enduro Riders
  • No MUD between radiator and guards

Get the maximum of any ride from now on, using these Radiator Guards. Buy now and thank us later!

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 1x UniBody Radiator Guards Kit for BETA RR 2020-2022


All Beta RR Enduro models from 2020-2022


Only 217 Grams, 40 grams heavier than OEM Plastic

Specifications :

  • Unibody: (We start with 6,5 KG Aluminium block and we finish with 217 Grams protection)
  • Lifetime warranty, almost impossible to break. You will never quit any race or miss out on a ridding day due to a broken radiator
  • Material: Aluminium T7 7075
  • Very light and strong but at the same time yielding, 217 Grams
  • Processing: CNC Machined in Romania
  • Full coverage. The protection covers 100% of the radiator.
  • Surface Finishing: Anodized in Black or Red. Because all of our parts are anodized the color will stay in place for many seasons.
  • Increases the airflow in radiators by 40%
  • Very easy to install, you need a maximum of 3 minutes and one 8mm wrench. You won’t need any mechanical skills or a motorcycle service to mount these radiator guards.

Our UniBody Radiator Guards have been tested durring Redbull Romaniacs 2020 by more than 25 riders, including Top Riders like :

  • Sandra Gomez
  • Teodor Kabachiev
  • Peter Weiss
  • Josza Norbert Levente
  • Preda Darco 
  • Szilard Horvat
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